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Semi-Private Group Training

Our Semi-Personal group training program provides our clients with an inclusive membership style approach to reaching their fitness goals. Our classes are designed to create a personal training experience but at an affordable group rate. With each class not exceeding 5 clients per trainer, it ensures a more intimate training experience than most group training or boot camps out there. 

With concentrations in:

  • Re-composition (Fat Loss) (Muscle Tone)
  • Weight Loss
  • Hypertrophy (Muscle Gain)
  • Sports Performance (Strength and Conditioning)

What it includes:

  • Fully customized exercise program designed based on each individual clients goals and limitations. 
  • Complete nutritional plan tailored to your goals, allergies, food preference, and daily schedule to excel your goals. 


This is the ideal option for clients looking for an exciting supportive environment to reach their fitness goals; the membership style program also encourages daily workouts and good nutritional habits to encourage long term success.


  • Burn
    Periodized high intensity workouts designed to maximize fat loss and increasing muscle tone. This program is ideal for those clients who are primarily looking to lose body fat/weight while achieving conservative muscle gains.


  • Build
    A program designed to improve body fat while increasing muscle size, muscle strength and muscle density. This program is designed for clients interested in adding muscle size and strength customized to achieve your ideal physique .


  • Break
    A program designed for serious athletes looking to set up new personal records in the gym or in their field of play. Ideal for athletes, power lifters, body builders. This program is designed to increase speed, strength, power, and muscle mass.