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Who we are

Symmetry Fitness is a movement began in 2014 as fitness professionals and enthusiasts who sought out to create a training system unlike the countless fitness fads out there.

Our training system is based off of scientifically proven methods of training that will always get you results without hitting a plataue.

Every client that enters Symmetry Fitness receives a customized program built based on individual goals, physical limitations, and mobility. This is combined with a fully in depth nutritional plan that go as far as each macro nutrient breakdown.

The process of our training is ongoing and monitored closely to observe body adaptation to the program, mobility and how each exercise fits your body in order to progress or regress accordingly.

Our Team

Ahmed Albayati


Owner and founder of Symmetry Fitness, Ahmed moved to the United States 7 years ago from Egypt where he studied international law and relations. He always had a passion for fitness and nutrition and was able to pursue that once in the US.

Ahmed began as a personal trainer at one of the big commercial gyms and quickly excelled to the top performer in the entire county within just a few months. This sparked his drive to learn more and grow more. Since then, he has attended seminars all over the country and is continuously joining webinars to gain more knowledge in order to train his clients and educate his staff with the most scientific based form of exercise and nutrition. For Symmetry, education is key to the successful results of our clients.

Opening Symmetry Fitness in 2014 was the ultimate achievement for Ahmed and is determined to grow the most successful and knowledgeable team of trainers by continuous education. As a pro WNBF athlete, Ahmed practices what he preaches. He is also a part of one of the most famous teams for natural body building and power lifting in the world. For him, consistency, dedication and patience is key to achieving your goals. His passion for what he does is apparent to all of his clients and they feel this from day one.

Mirna Machado

Fitness has always been an important part of Mirna’s life. Every since she got her first gym membership at the age of 16, she has dedicated herself to improving her physique through training and proper nutrition. She became so passionate about it that decided to make fitness her career.

Mirna has since obtained diplomas in Health and Fitness, Weight Management and Sports Nutrition. In 2016, she entered her first bodybuilding competition as a natural bikini competitor in the National Physique Committee. She went on to win her class, as well as the Overall Novice, making her a nationally qualified bikini competitor and athlete. Mirna has consistently placed in the top 2 of her class in every competition since then.

Although she is extremely passionate about fitness, Mirna’s desire to help others is her true passion. She coined the term “Mirnavate” because she aspires to motivate others and provide them with guidance and assistance in reaching their goals. While she is a tough trainer, Mirna is also compassionate and very empathetic towards her clients. Her goal is not only to train her clients, but to provide them with the fundamentals toward leading a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle.